Fine Violin And Instrument Makers: Learn The Ancient Luthiers' 
Acoustic Concepts (Normally €2953) For FREE 

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You are getting:

The Old Masters T.O.N.E.S. Technique™ 
4 Sessions, 7 day live ONLINE workshop 

  • Sound: Discover the reasons why the finest stringed instruments have that shape and create any sound your customers want, with confidence.
  • Simple: Master designing acoustically robust violins and stringed instrument models in 4 90 minute sessions during 7 days with ease, flow and freedom, even if you have no prior drawing experience.
  • Story-rich: Inspire world-class musicians with your work based on the ancient story build into your instruments, instead of making copies everyone is copying (including factories).

Others paid €2953 For This Training, You Are Getting 
The Chance To Win Your Ticket For FREE.  

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